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Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Hoods - A TOTALLY INTEGRATED SYSTEM

HOOD UNIT: Crafted of polished stainless steel, UL Listed hoods are complete with baffle type grease filters and grease trough with removable grease cup. Atlantic Coast Services through its unique methodology provides the information to illustrate the elements of the installation of commercial kitchen exhaust hoods.

These commercial exhaust hoods are the useful addition in your kitchen, laboratories and many industries for removing fumes, vapors, moisture, oil particles and other hazardous substances.

Duct is 16 gauge galvanized steel, continuously welded liquid tight per code. All grease exhaust duct is wrapped with UL listed grease exhaust duct wrap where necessary.

These exhaust ducts are specifically designed to meet the needs of our clients. Our service to our clients and our dedication helps us in attaining maximum level of customer satisfaction. Processed using high-end processing system, we are capable of incorporating superior quality parameters in these products. Moreover, we have attained experience expertise in providing the finest range of stainless steel kitchen hoods and commercial kitchen equipment solution as per our customers' needs.

We use only the highest quality “matched Component” up-blast roof exhaust fans rated for proper C.F.M./static pressure. Your exhaust fan includes an all-welded roof curb, forced cooled motor and trouble-free grease trough.

These fans are installed inside the range hood and this not only help to prevent your kitchen from stale air but also help to remove bad odors and reduce moisture levels from your cooking area. Our commercial kitchen exhaust fans provide complete ventilation of your home and help to keep your cooking environment fresh and fume-free.

Duct to is 24 gauge galvanized steel, Pittsburgh construction.

An efficient and well-designed duct system makes distribution of air proper throughout your home and maintains a comfortable temperature by controlling the air system. Commercial kitchen hoods provide balanced supply and return flow to maintain a neutral pressure in your cooking area.

Your supply fan is rated to supply 90% fresh air of total air exhausted through hood.

Atlantic Coast Services offers a unique collection of make-up air units for commercial, industrial and kitchen uses. With the installation of stainless steel kitchen hoods, the make-up air fan comes equipped with the equipment works to neutralize the negative air pressure created by exhaust systems and other environmental conditions.

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